Visiting an aunt in Oregon with my mom is not my ideal vacation locale nor travel buddy, but it’s a nice getaway from the regular humdrum of Chicago-living. There’s comfort at home of knowing exactly where I’m going, what’s good, and switching into auto-pilot as I drive.

But it’s nice to be jolted from the monotony and have to consider what am I doing, where I’m going, and for what reason I’m doing things. It’s even more appropriate as I stand at the precipice of figuring out my career.


Landing in Oregon

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“Last October, the world was shocked and horrified when Taliban gunmen attacked a 15-year-old Pakistani girl whose only offense was demanding an education.” 

There is more work to be done. This reminds me that what I’m doing in nursing school is not without purpose. Yes, I have my frustrations with the program and its lack of organization or professionalism. But I’m meant for something outside of the program.

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“If you cannot tell the truth about yourself, you cannot tell it about other people.”

 -Virginia Woolf

What if the truth about ourselves really lies in the truth of the Gospel?