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Not so Faithful Me

As I journey through a one year Old Testament plan, I’m astounded by the faithfulness of God despite the lack of faith from his people. I hope you’ll humor me in my layperson interpretation of the story that follows. When the Lord make a covenant with Abram, that from him will come the line of many kings and nations, God stays faithful despite the disbelief of Sarai. ¬†She gets anxious that her biological clock is ticking and has Abram father a son with her servant. Then the servant looks on her with “contempt,” Sarai gets upset, and casts the servant and son out (soap opera, much?). But God steps in to rescue the servant and son.

Then God makes another covenant with Abram, changes Abram to Abraham, renames Sarai to Sarah, and visits them. When the promise to fulfill the covenant is spoken again, Sarah laughs. She straight up laughs at the words spoken as a promise of God. I’m sure there’s frustration and bitterness behind that because I’ve seen and heard stories from couples who miscarry or have difficulty conceiving. That is an incredibly hard journey for those couples and probably they would have laughed too because of the utter ridiculousness of a promise despite “trying everything.” But then again, this was the Lord at her doorstep. Although the Lord calls her out, he doesn’t takesies backsies his promise despite her lack of faith (not to mention disrespecting him). He is faithful. He is who is who he is so he’ll do what he does. No takesies backsies. Doing our part matters, to an extent, but it doesn’t change his faithfulness to us.

This reminds me that I will never do everything right but God is faithful to who He is and who He is making me to be. That is the extent of his grace and his love.

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