Anywhere I would have followed you.

Jadedness had me wrapped up in her arms this season. And it sucked. But it came from a place of feeling deep hurt. So, I justified my annoyances and lack of mercy for others because I felt entitled by the hurts done against me. But that’s not the way I want to live.

The only way to find healing and relief from this anger is to forgive the offender. And I don’t want to yet. It’s emotionally easier to appease myself with good food, small adventures, and making myself a strong independent woman. But none of that soothes my angst. So I’m taking conscious steps towards forgiving – capturing every thought, every breath. Ok…occasionally I let snide remarks slip by but I’m getting there – no one is perfect.


I’m going to be a strong independent woman who forgives… and looks good doing it. You know, like the modern day feminists.


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