Oh Pink Ranger

Remember the pink ranger?

Yup, that’s her. Way back in the first season of Power Rangers she was the original it girl. She had it all – the looks, the popularity, and that complicated relationship with Tommy, the white ranger.  It was a looong time ago since I watched it so I don’t remember a whole lot of her story but she made a lasting impression in my 8 year-old brain. She had her damsel-in-distress moments but there were times she had to save the white ranger too. But pink ranger was  probably the first heroine figure I aspired to be, at least during pretend play time. I wasn’t a feisty child then (that hasn’t changed) but if I didn’t get to be pink ranger, I’d throw one nasty fit.

Even though I don’t take orders from Zordon and don’t have my own morphing montage, I’m (re)learning what it means to fight my own battles as an almost-adult 20-something.  Sure, my battles don’t involve an antagonist wearing a cone-bra but mine can look just as unnerving, often making me want to cringe. So I’m drawing a little motivation from the original it girl and suiting up for battle.

It’s mighty morphing time.

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