Loneliness Amidst Constant Connection

Understanding the concept of loneliness in the 21st century. I’m gaining a greater and greater capacity to understand loneliness in the midst of modern day technology. I’ve realized after taking a few days restricting my use of media including Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and random web browsing. And I’ve realized I’m a lot lonelier than I thought. This isn’t meant to be a bash on media; it can be used to achieve some great things and help some relationships stay more closely connected than ever before. 

However, I’ve realized that media creates a fog to mask the fact that I’m not interacting with anyone very intimately nor as often as I thought. I have a great group of girlfriends that I’d like to say I’m close with, but even though we’re still connected with Snapchat and text messages, I hate to say I know little that’s going on about their daily lives unless they chose to disclose it specifically. In the random snippets of Snapchat or FB posts, I know they’re staying late at work or studying hard. But I think I’ve allowed the passing soundbyte update to replace knowing them intimately and being known intimately by them. Have they had a fight at work? with their family? or with their BF? Well, not likely they’ll disclose that in a passing Snapchat. But the more I get a passing snippet, the least likely I am to ask. Ironic how it works. 

I spent today recovering from a procedure and couldn’t help but let my mind enjoy some passive entertainment. But I have intimately shared my experience with 0 people over the media or in person today. Maybe it’s because I and others rely on media too much to replace the daily meeting and interaction with others. Just because the phone is always there, doesn’t mean we can use it to replace a live interaction.

When is the last time you purposefully called someone? When is the last time you texted with someone? I’ve noticed the big difference between the two as I’ve been more mindful this week. 


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