Taking the Time to Notice my Blessings

One of the blessings of working in the health field is seeing the beauty or healing. Additionally, it’s helped me count my blessings as an able-bodied, middle-class Asian American young adult. The complexity of which the body need to work so that things look “normal” is incredibly astounding. Because I suffer from a few conditions, it’s sometimes hard to see beyond my bills, task list, appointments (and those of family members) to see that there is so much more I can give thanks for. 

I don’t need to “suck it up” because I need to get through things but I need to “suck it up” because there is really much worse I can be dealing with. I have the continuous outpouring of grace and love from God. I don’t worry about where my next meal comes from. I have clothing options and have time to worry about my appearance. I can take the time to have a little “me time” every week. And I can enjoy the company of friends who love me. That is more than enough. 


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