Being Inspired

Recently I hung out with Des and got to soak in the ways that she and my brother live life. Well, not so much hung out as much as I needed a place to crash because I was fever-ridden with chills. But in the little moments of clarity that I could wander outside the guest room, I heard snippets and tales of their life’s dedication. They intentionally took on relationships with others, investing in a boy who’s life was a little left of center and many travelers who stayed in their guest room. And those words that they shared with each person weaved a trail of love, hospitality, and grace. 

From her home to her work place and fun times, she described their mutual intentionality towards being the love and life of Christ with whoever they met. Even the way they spent money and what they bought with it was thought out (usually researched too). They recognize that the time in this place is temporary. We are like a mist that is here and is gone. 

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