Empowering Purchases

So this Lent season I signed up with WorldVision’s Relentless ACT:S of Sacrifice.

Every week there is a challenge to reorient the way we live, buy things, relax, and work. Something that has been more on my heart recently is the idea of consumer power. I buy things quite often – toothpaste, lotion, band-aids, clothing, food, etc. But is there a way I can better steward my money by choosing products that go beyond the economics of business to make a sustainable difference for the Kingdom? 

This brought me to a post that was up in the World Vision resource page “Products with a Purpose.” 

It’s a montage of different products that go beyond the consumer and producer to help sustainably benefit those in need. Featured companies include: Warby Parker (eyewear), Feed Projects (bags and accessories), and Krochet Kids Intl (hats and some apparel). I have briefly reviewed their websites, but haven’t done any in-depth research on the companies so I won’t vouch for anything. However, they all seem at least more purposeful than buying the anonymous products that I do now. 

Since I will eventually be making more big choices on what to buy, I figured I should start committing to stewarding the money I have by purchasing more sustainable and purposeful products. This is just 1 step in the journey. 


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