One in Whom Christ Dwells

Just wanted to share an excerpt from The Good and Beautiful God which is a wonderful metaphor which depicted why we need to recognize our sin and brokenness as well as the root of sanctification.

“Wanting to communicate the paradox of how we minister to others through our brokenness, he took a cardboard box and asked his students to ‘beat it up.’ They punctured holes in the box, kicked it around and tore pieces off of it. Then he placed the box on a table in front of them all. Underneath the box was a light. He dimmed the house lights, and they turned on the light inside the box. He didn’t need to say any more. They all understood. The light of Jesus shines clearly through our broken places” (163 Smith).

My friend, Phil, has an interesting post on being the light of the world, I highly recommend. Check it. =]


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