Senior Bucket List

Last year coming up, so gotta make it good. =] Tentative so feel free to add/comment and I will LOVE IT if you could help me finish them. I will edit as it’s completed. (orange  = in process or complete)

1. (Season?) Football tickets & tailgating with the Z’s

2. Watch at least 2 UIllnois Bball games

3. Japan House when it’s not 11pm at night…

4. Visit the arboretum

5. be on campus over the summer 

6. hot tub @ CRCE or sauna @ ARC (whichever one has less creepers)

7. a non-UIllinios performance at Krannert

8. vball on the sand courts by 6 pack

9. check out the UIllnois Women’s Rugby meetings

10. watch a UIllnois women’s vball game

11. run around champaign (since I ran around Urbana this semester)

12. serve at Empty Tomb

13. check out Brother’s (it seems to be a campus favorite)

14. watch the sunrise on Krannert

15. in the winter, sled down the hill past FAR

16. learn the Champaign streets

17. Babysit Cadence, my TCBC adopted baby sister – she came with the family ;P (and you can get away with anything if you have a cute little girl in your arms)

18. Sweet Corn Festival in Urbana!


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