Oh, U of I…

I’ve been noticing more of the things at UofI which make it a novel school. I started to pick up on these things more because I think it either slowed me down when I was in a rush or got my attention when I had too much time during a break.

The girls in the LAS department like to chat a lot on The John. One look at the bathroom graffiti in either the Foreign Language Building (FLB) or Davenport  will give that away. But this isn’t your everyday tagging. People have legit and hard (or absurd) questions or statements, for example, “Do open relationships work?” Then other ladies like to join in with their 2 cents. I wonder if they expect legit answers and check back every so often…

And as I was rushing to my chem exam, I needed to use the bathroom but the men’s and women’s restrooms are (almost) never symmetrical within a building. The ladies’ bathroom may be every odd floor or down 9 rooms to the right, whereas the guys’ restroom will be every even floor or 3 rooms down and to the left from the same starting place. It’s not a big deal until I really needed to go.

Oh U of I..


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