Blast to the Past…and the Future?

This Monday, one of my kids I tutor at Stratton was reading an Animorphs book and it brought me back to the past. I think I finished the whole series (with a few gaps in between) back in the day. A lot of tv shows and books that I’ve revisited from my childhood definitely did not feel the same as they did the first time around, but Animorphs takes the cake still. =] I didn’t know there was a TV show for it, but maybe I’ll look it up at the library for kicks.

At the same time, my time tutoring at Stratton has perhaps given me a glimpse at what might be in the future. Kids have asked me if I was a mom of one of the Asian kids in class and they have asked how old my kids are. It was pretty surprising when I heard it the first time but it got me thinking what my future might look like. M.A.S.H. anyone? =P (MASH is a silly game called Manshion, Apt, Shack, or House that tells you your future and 5th grade girls play it on the school bus during field trips)


2 thoughts on “Blast to the Past…and the Future?

  1. Betsy says:

    I’d love to play MASH with you. 🙂

  2. ANIMORPHS! Love it. My best friend and I used to play animorphs in the play ground during recess. It was the best.

    You know what makes me feel old? Bragging about my friends’ kids.

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