Bucket List Item

So today I got sick and in my bummy-ness I was watching some Hillsong things on youtube (Jesus heals, right? ;P) and it led me to a “making sushi video” (yeah, go figure.) At the end it said “Fallbrook California has hosted an annual avocado festival since 1962.”

Blast you, West Coast. You have all the fun. Avocado festival – meet my bucket list.

In my bummy-ness I also noticed how I revert back to my Chinese tendencies: congee and soup. It’s appropriate since we are having the Asian American conference with IV this weekend and there will be congee. Score.


2 thoughts on “Bucket List Item

  1. caleb says:

    Wah congee! I had some today!

    Maybe you could try avocado congee?~~~

  2. BeccaL says:

    Ha. Finally got a whole container of it from Mandarin Wok today. I thought I wasn’t hungry but I finished it in 20 min. I guess jook makes everything better =]

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