Knowing Community

I know I never returned to elaborate on the points I made in Spiritual Plateau, but there were some more thoughts and convictions I had recently which seemed more appropriate.

In the last week and then some I was taking time to reflect on what community means and how I have experienced it. The current series at the Twin City Bible Church which I attend at school is going through a series called “social networking” so a lot of the topics are related to doing something for “one another.” In essence, we are solidifying and getting to the basis of community – what the church should look like.

And it occurred to me the areas where I really got it (community) wrong. I got it wrong in the sense that I don’t know what it means to “have everything in common” (Acts 2:44). Part of it is to “encourage one another, serve one another, fellowship with one another” but I was missing the part to “bear one another’s burdens and reconcile with one another.” Part of the fact was that it assumes a few things about the community:

1. that everyone is willing enough to share burdens

2. that everyone is aware of and willing to admit to brokenness

3. that I am willing to do those things at the risk of harmony at the surface

I think without these things then we are just another “club,” because without those pieces there can be no further growth since everyone will only allow so much in from another person. This hides the deepest part of our own brokenness – whether we do it intentionally or not. Or we are too afraid of “inconveniencing” others. But if Jesus did not “inconvenience” us with his presence as sinners, we would not know life to the fullest. A true community would bear the cost of “inconveniencing” to know the greatness of healing (emotionally, relationally, and sometimes physically too).

So I’m starting to see where my sharing or lack of sharing clogs the wheels of community, and I’m off to reset some behaviors and thinking patterns: “do not be conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Rom 12:2). Obviously community isn’t a 1 woman show, but a bit of prayer and example can go a long way, so here goes! I am here to be inconveniencedPlease join me. =]


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