Shanghai and Hangzhou

So last week I went to Shanghai to see the world expo and then over to Hangzhou just for kicks, since it isn’t too far out of the way. To make up for the lack of updates, I will make this post easy to read with pictures. This was the first leg of the trip, so the rest will be in later posts. Katie and I flew out to Shanghai May 3rd and stayed in Shanghai until May 7th.

Katie (girl in the cab) and I crashed at Jon’s place (guy in the peddy cab) for the week. The handsome fella on the right (below) just wanted me to take his picture. =]

A shot of the downtown area at E. Nanjing rd. just off of the harbor area known as the Bund.

On one day that Jon was at class, Katie and I meandered to the Old Town area where the buildings were fashioned in the “old style”. People kept on approaching the us to buy watches and designer bags, go figure, a white girl and a girl with a big camera. =P

This is a story teller so you pay him $5 to listen to him tell a story while you look into the eye holes for the cartoon/puppetry.

Probably the cutest kid ever who was eating the best Xiaolong Bao ever. Katie and I waited in line about 15 minutes for them.

Inside the old city we visited a temple. These are some of the people’s wishes, I think.

We bought our tickets for the temple from a hole in the wall like the one below. And at this exit, you can also pay for people to whack you with sticks for good health and what have you…

These are some good ‘ole typical living spaces and happy people.

The city made me miss home a bit, but I’ll be there soon enough! Shalom.


3 thoughts on “Shanghai and Hangzhou

  1. phil says:

    that looks pretty sweet rebecca

    thanks for updating!

  2. Tony Jin says:

    Looks like your havin fun becca 🙂

  3. Brittany says:

    I love these pics, Becca! I Keep enjoying your travels, we’ll see you mid-June! 🙂

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