Rugby 7s and ZengCheng

On Friday I went to watch the Hong Kong Rugby 7’s. It was pretty awesome, like your average sports event’s go-crazy mentality with the addition of many foreigners hailing from the Oceanic and European nations. =D Good times.

This weekend I went to teach English with a few other exchange students in Zengcheng 增城, a city in Guangdong. We taught in 3 schools, one on Saturday afternoon and two sunday morning and noon. The kids were adorable. They were all primary school kids so about 4th to 6th grade.

The team:

The first class:

(right, a teacher’s son that loved to “dance” by waving his arms around while the children sang)

It was good and humbling to be reminded of the different lifestyle that exists beyond Hong Kong. I think the city was pretty typical of most Southern cities, having a rural feel with sprawling fields in some areas and industrial complexes in others.

I think the trip helped me to be more wary of how I understand people’ss lifestyles, because I think before this trip I would be inclined to say that the region looks “poor” but through my conversations and experiences, I came to see that it was simply a different lifestyle.

(right, teacher Mikey poses with some fans – the kids had us “autograph” things, including their school uniform)

Although we arrived late and only taught an hour at the first class, the kids really enjoyed it and had a blast. They got rowdy after class got out.

(the area surrounding the first primary school)

The second day we taught 2 classes, one in the morning and one after lunch.

Below: the view from the hotel we stayed at:

After waking up early, we went to the second school to have breakfast with the staff.

We taught them songs, gave them candy, and played games with them.

The last school:

Look how well behaved they are =P. They actually had us go out and introduce ourselves to the classes in the courtyard.

Mine and Mikey’s class:

Look, they’re raising their hands. They were an enthusiastic bunch. = D

All in all a humbling, wonderful experience.


One thought on “Rugby 7s and ZengCheng

  1. Brittany says:

    Aw, it does look like you had a great time, Becca! Those kids are so cute! 🙂 I think you’d make a fantastic teacher–so patient and gentle and I bet those kids learned a lot from you that day! Keep experiencing HK to its fullest with your remaining weeks! We still miss you here, but we’re keeping a Becca-sized space for you while we wait to be reunited. 🙂

    With love from your sister in the West,

    ~Brittany 🙂

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