As promised,  pictures of the beautiful scenes (and people) around CUHK are included in this post. Last night there was an inauguration dinner for the new hall committee in my hostel (dorm), the Hang Seng Hall (恒生). So I got to meet other international students within my dorm and a few of the locals as well. For dinner we had a meal consisting of different meats, roots, and vegetables boiled into the same pot, poon choi (盘菜). It looked a little something like the following:

Then after dinner the new committee showed a video clip to kind of intro themselves and all that. And the real surprise was when they had a little performance…and guess what it was? They integrated the High School Musical 1 finale dance with a dembeat (demonstrative beats unique to CUHK, kind of like simplified stepping). So for all you HSM lovers, know that there are crazy fans just like you here. =] (the photos are kinda blah…but enjoy)

Intro by the Pres



The evening went by pretty fast, but afterwards a German exchange, North Carolina, Texas, and I played a Monopoly card game with 3 locals. Of course, I soaked up the beginner’s luck and won. =D

The 3 locals and Kon, the German. 

I know that wasn’t much, but it’s a little difficult to take my XTi around all the time and not be paparazzi. But in a few minutes I’m heading out to play rugby…I’ll let you know how that goes. It was a petite (more than I) local that invited me, so I figured I’d just give it a shot.

But this is one of the beautiful things I get to experience on a non-cloudy day. I took it on a clear day off of my hostel porch. Sorry I didn’t have time to really stitch the photo better, but I think it still speaks for itself.


2 thoughts on “Scenic

  1. Brittany says:

    YOU SEE THAT OFF OF YOUR PORCH?!? We’re so jealous Becca because we see nothing but the remnants of nasty snow and frozen muddy ground over here. I look forward to more pictures when you have time! And the German’s name is Kon?! For real?! I think that’s the name of the horse in Mulan, but I think they spell it more Chinese-y, “Khan.” 🙂

    I hope rugby was fun–all of LAR misses your presence!

    XOXOXO Brittany 🙂

  2. Allison says:

    haha oh man…. those dem beats … thats all i heard outside and inside the school towards the end of the semester !! glad ur having fun !!! 🙂

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