Sick in HK

Hello from under the sheets in my dorm.

This weekend I fell/am sick. But that’s OK, still much to be learned and praise God for. I finished reading Chasing the Dragon, which is a biography of Jackie Pullinger who followed Christ to Hong Kong and started a ministry during the times that drug dens and brothels filled the Walled City district. For all those who went to Urbana09, the Christian missions conference, it definitely represents the model that was displayed for us there – living amongst those who are poor (in spirit). The reality of why is further depicted in Pullinger’s own words – I won’t spoil it for you, but come talk with me about it if you want to know!

So far today (Sat. Jan 23) I have cycled through 2 napping/waking cycles during the day. My body is feeling blah and not very capable of hiking up and down to get food, so I’ve stayed put i my room mostly. So sorry, Ray, no photos today. I was going to photo-journal Friday but then I got sick. Perhaps I will upload some at dinner time. My friend is cooking me some noodles at her place.

Next time I will take you guys out to the beautiful infinity pond. It’s a really beautiful place  that I like to just sit at after lunch – so BE EXCITED!

Thanks for all the prayers because I’m getting to see many answered here. E-mail me for details if y (


One thought on “Sick in HK

  1. Brittany says:

    Getter better soon, friend! Bianca and I just finished a big Gilmore Girls marathon…it reminded me of our 7-hour long movie marathon last semester. Miss you bunches. May God’s healing power be over you!

    ❤ Mama Smallz

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