Getting Comfortable

Hello friends! I know, it’s been a while, so I thought I would update you guys (and gals) on what’s happening on this end of the world.

My first week of classes went pretty smoothly. I’m still discovering the secret elevators and goodies found at the canteens (or elsewhere), but the the biggest happenings this week are: 1, I got a haircut (not a huge difference); 2, I went to The Vine Christian Fellowship with Kevin Cheng (from Olin College!); 3, I had my first egg tart in Hong Kong.

The Vine is a pretty hip and happenin’ church. Everything is very fresh and the people are very schnazzy – mostly young professionals and some college aged students. Maybe it was because Kev and I got in 1/2 an hour late (I left the instructions in my room), but we went unnoticed so it was a little offsetting. But we are going to probably visit a few more and pray s’more before we/I make a decision.

As for the egg tart, it was a’ight. Kev picked it up from his trip in and around Mongkok, but I will start my search for egg tarts tomorrow night when I do a little shoe shopping with Sandy.

Speaking of attire, I did my laundry last night and the machines are a little different, but it was actually done faster than back at the US. However, because there are no dryer sheets, there’s no spring fresh scent when I’m done, sad day =( . Hopefully I will snap some more photos tomorrow when we go shopping for some much needed rain-proof shoes – and shoes in general since I only have a pair of flats, worn Chucks, and gym shoes.

Much Love.


2 thoughts on “Getting Comfortable

  1. Brittany says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you have started the hunt for the perfect egg tart, Becca! 🙂 I wish I could be there with you sampling them all!

    And take pictures of you and your new haircut…and maybe a pic with your new roomie too! I need faces to put to my prayers. 🙂

    Bianca and I are both back in LAR 298 and we will Skype you soon! I had lunch today with Nithya and we ran into Diana and Stephanie–we all miss you!

    ❤ B-town 🙂

  2. Allison says:

    eeek im sorry ur first impression of the vine is offsetting :(. It’s hard for them to figure out who’s new or not because in that fellowship and HK in general … people just come and go. hopefully you can give it another shot. I just put myself out there and shook hands, introduced myself and whatnot. did you attend church or the large group? anyways i hope you find a good church in HK !! there is also ..cchk and a famous churchin north point.

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