Food and Photos and Then Some…

The internet here is fickle at best, so I’m taking advantage to upload all the photos I’v taken plus update you on some news.

First is the food because I’ve eaten so many different things so far. This was the bun I had at Maxim’s (美心)bakery. It had a little sweet top and a light custard filing with peanuts. =] Beat that Des and Dave!

Below: my friend Sandy’s yakisoba (with omlette) and takoyaki at a little food court. It was interesting.

My rice burger from Mos Burger. It had pickled turnip as a filling with the Jap rice as the bun.

And the following is the much promised “trek” since my dorm is at the bottom of the hill, while my college (United College, represent!) is located at the top. I’m giving you the aerial view so as if I was walking downwards b/c I think the shots were nicer. So here we go….

(no, this is not a duplicate of the fist pic; it’s the second set of stairs)

Even though that is the “main entrance” most people use the elevator which is located in another building. So the way everyone gets around is either through staircases or finding the elevators located within other buildings that will get you up or down to where you need to be since the campus has a constantly changing altitude (your ears even pop on the bus).

Classes: So far so good, but my Canto and Mandarin classes might kick my butt. Cantonese has a crazy romanization system and 6 tones (I never knew!). My Mandarin class involves reading newspapers to learn grammar and how to read professional texts for information. The assessment the first class was killer…but I’m not alone, I have 6 wonderful Japanese and Korean friends in it. But the professors are all hilarious and the class size is probably no bigger than 20 people so it’s a welcomed change from the U of I class size.

But as for other news: last night I found IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students is the International system that InterVarsity is under) or CUFES (Chinese U) on campus so I went to check out their fellowship time. It had a different tone than IV for sure, but that was to be expected. We sang two songs (Canto and Mandarin – while I hummed) and then did a lot of quiet reflection time, into a devotional time. I could understand most of it and every once in a while people would break out the English for me. But it was cool to connect to the HK body here on campus. I’m not sure if I’ll be committing, but for sure it was refreshing and encouraging.

Another encouraging thing has been getting to befriend some of the locals in my dorm. I met a bunch of the people who are on something like the hall committee so they keep a little shop open in one of the rec rooms and such. One guy was wearing a Cru sweatshirt so I got to talk with him for a little bit.

I think in these past two days I’ve started to quiet my heart more because the post-arrival had be in a whirl so my thoughts were very scattered and just filled with worries. Thank God that he provided a lot of reminders and encouragements to get me to do so. It also helps that I found this nice spot which overlooks a part of the campus that is sort of remote since it’s an extended ledge with a bench and no fence (don’t worry, it’s safe enough). I’ll take a picture when I can. But my plans for this Sunday is to visit The Vine, an international church I’ve heard much about and I might have the chance to bring friends too. =]

Current temp: 56 F, high 68 F =] but I’m chilly inside with no heat.

Current mood: Shalom but missing hugs – not a typical thing people do here.

Some additional photos of the United College campus. There’s soo much beautiful scenery around here. These photos will not do real justice, but this is as close as I can bring you guys.


3 thoughts on “Food and Photos and Then Some…

  1. Des says:

    yumm. everything looks interesting. im quite jealous 🙂 heh. please eat more, bcus by the looks of it you’ll be burning more calories than those sweet tops., heh. cheers beck! 😀

  2. Brittany says:

    I’m so excited to be seeing this mountain and exotic (for me) food that you are eating, Becca! 🙂 And you weren’t joking–it’s HUGE! I expect to see you with some shapely calves when you return to the States! 😉 It warms my heart that you are getting to know some of the locals, I’m praying that they take time to find out what a sweetheart you are. 🙂 The CUHK campus is beautiful, continue taking pictures when you can! Love you lots girl–keep the faith,

    ❤ B Smallz

  3. Allison says:

    dear becca, you are making me miss hong kong all over again !!

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