Fun Facts

So I couldn’t think of a way to organize my thoughts of these past 2ish days so I’m going to give you some fun facts about me with anecdotes that triggered the fun fact. (btw, the vid probably won’t be published soon b/c I can’t access a stable network with an ethernet yet )

But first – a praise! I talked about this in my vid that’s not published but I really want to share this with y’alls. Even on the plane ride I could see answered prayers already. During the ride I met a woman, I’ll call her Auntie Kar, and her husband. They were – for the sake of censorship – spiritual sowers and harvesters in Vietnam. It was so encouraging to hear the stories that Auntie Kar shared about the change they were seeing and the work that they were doing. Their goal this year is to do 100 plants, last year’s was 20. They’ve been back and forth between the US and Vietnam for about 6 years doing this work. Praise God that we met and were able to share in the prayer for harvest.

So here we go, fun fact 1: I love to eat almonds and fruits. I currently have a bag of almonds I brought with me from the states and a tangerine from last night’s dinner. Both of which are my early morning snacks for today because I haven’t bought any snacks or noodles for my room. The canteen AKA cafeteria area (which is probably not something you can imagine if you haven’t been to hk – I’ll take a pic) is a crazy flight of stairs away.

This brings me to #2: I like to go hiking, to an extent. My definition of hiking is taking the far trails out at the Starved Rock national park in Illinois, probably a 6,7 on the extreme scale 1-10. What does this have to do with HK? HK is very mountainous and CUHK is no exception – just because you have a university, doesn’t mean you need to make sure all the students can get to class on time. I will probably have a crazy cardio system and bulging calves when I get back to the States. The teaser photo is below but don’t let it fool you, there’s more…

There are elevators located within different buildings that can get you up and down, but they are not explicitly obvious since they are just the typical elevators located in a dorm or a building. So it would help to have some locals on campus already.

I usually have cold hands, but my body tends to overheat more than should be typical. There is no heat in HK which isn’t a big deal since it’s probably like 50’s out now. But it’s been a challenge trying to find what is appropriate to wear inside and still be warm but not wearing too much. And for my hands, some gloves would be useful. But one problem that I’m still facing now is how to walk quickly to where I need to go but not end up super sweaty when I get there. I honestly sweat quite easily so going from warm to sweaty and chilly indoors might prove to be a problem for my immune system. Finding the right thing to wear and learning to slow down a bit might be things I have to learn more from the locals.

My favorite season is fall, which is about the same as HK winters minus the humidity here. I like to feel cozy when I get inside and drink warm things. Plus, added bonus, my hair is less frizzy as the temperature drops. Unfortunately, as mentioned before there is no heat inside and high humidity, but there are tons of different drinks in HK. The vending machine downstairs is a testimony to that.

My favorite thing to shop for are organizing related items, for example, post-its. I have a ton of post-its because it helps me to get things neat and orderly. I’m not a neat freak but if I have time I like to clear out the clutter and get things in order. When I don’t have time, i can tolerate some unorganized mess. Another reason I love to buy them is because organizing items are so innovative, especially in Hong Kong. Today I’m heading out with a friend to pick up some much needed items.

I enjoy meeting new people, especially internationals. Last night we had a welcoming dinner for all the exchange students (about 230) and I sat with some Parisians, a Finnish, an Italian, and a German. It was fun.

So today I’m going to adventure a bit to the IKEA store in the closest mall and hopefully I’ll be able to upload some pics. I’m currently empathizing with the Chinese international girls in my dorm back at LAR and craving fellowship – I haven’t run into others in the international crowd yet, but the numbers are slim if any.


3 thoughts on “Fun Facts

  1. Brittany says:

    It sounds like you are already being challenged in more ways than one, Miss Becca! I look forward to your video and pictures–I feel like I am experiencing HK with you! May God bring a kindred spirit into your life soon! Thinking of you always,

    ā¤ Britt šŸ™‚

  2. Caleb says:

    I also have cold hands! But there’s an old saying: “cold hands, warm heart.”

    Anyway, I will continue to pray for you. God bless!

  3. nlau says:

    yay for forced exercise!! =]

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