Some Spiritual Things

So this post is going to deal a lot with spiritual things so even if you don’t consider yourself spiritually inclined, I hope you continue to read on so you can know (and hopefully love) me more. And it’s a little longer, but love is patient, right? =D

Last week I went to the Urbana09 Missions Conference (referenced in prev post) and I think I’ve finally come up with some concrete thoughts that I can put into application. I’ll share only 3 now since neither you nor I have an attention span for much more. But perhaps as a reader , for those this is applicable to, some accountability and prayer is in order, please and thank you.

Pray pray pray.

In the words of Sunder Krishnan on prayer, “The circumstances may never change around you, but you will be transformed.” Somewhere amidst the busyness and scheduling for work, school, people, and what-nots I grew lukewarm in this discipline. I started to think I could just squeak in a prayer on the bus or between classes I’d be alright. But oh, the power of true prayer and prayer through scripture. Last night I had a pretty scary incident that rocked me and caught me way off guard (feel free to ask) – but God is GOOD. When my own prayers felt weak, some close brothers and sisters at CCUC (my home church) came alongside me in prayer – thank you guys!!

So I’m committing to scheduling in an hour of prayer every day. I tried becoming consistent in it this semester, but definitely didn’t get close to maintaining it. Probably the biggest thing was that I did not commit to the time it took to be still, boo me. Bright side, “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)

Fast fast fast.

It’s a discipline that’s so counter-intuitive since food is so necessary for our bodies to function. But it’s the choice to abstain from something we know as necessary and putting our attention on God which positions oneself to petition earnestly. Through the testimony of friends from other conferences as well as the 30 Hour Famine we implemented last fall I feel challenged to take on this discipline regularly. Ironically, I’ll be doing it in the city that is renown to harbor the best of the world’s cuisine.

My commitment will be to fast one day a week. I have added motivation for this from which is an organization that I can donate $$ from my forgone meal to provide water, freedom, and opportunity for several countries. Let me know if you commit to it as well. =]

Think BiG!

It occurred to me that going to Hong Kong, I have the potential to build relationships with thousands of internationals from around the world and thousands of local Hong Kong-ers. Each with the potential to impact their own family and friends and their family and friends, with an impact that multiplies. As the closing lecture Alec Hill, the President of InterVarsity, led us in a web of testimonies where one person simply took the time, calling, and courage to share Jesus. In effect, a multiplying harvest ensued as we followed each of the stories.

My vision to see the expansion of the Kingdom of God has taken on a much bigger scope and bigger potential as I go overseas. I hope as a reader you might not take offense at it because I want to see all people come to have and know what it is to be loved fully in the way that our spirits yearn for – where they are fully satisfied. It’s something that cannot be filled by the things and relationships of this world. And I want to see a world that has no suffering, no pain, no frustration, and no hate. But by what I understand, this is only possible with Christ.

So I entreat you to please pray for me, if you are inclined to, and/or hit me up since Monday will be my final full day in the U.S. I am mostly packed with some little odds and ends to complete. I’ll be home if you want to drop by after 1PM.

I am willing, send me.


One thought on “Some Spiritual Things

  1. phillipchan1 says:

    rebecca- you are a burning and shining lamp wherever you go. remember that! (and keep on growing brighter)

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